AnD…there is always more to do…

This thought has been in the heart of what AnD stands from right from its inception. Started in 2009 with an aim help organization maximize the potential of their people and people processes.

Over the years, the belief that people and culture forms the “x” factor in organization has been reinforced through our assignments. 

Headquartered in Pune we have offices in Solapur, Maharashtra and Salt Lake City, Utah, US. 

Love for work which yields results and coffee, lots of coffee is what drives the founders of AnD. Over the years the team has picked the same passion for work, though not the same can be said about coffee.

360 feedback survey is an assessment tool that provides feedback of an employee from the members of his immediate work circle
A change of focus is needed in order to deliver true business value in future and avoid engagement surveys being dismissed – by managers and employees – as a tick-box exercise.
We have an indigenously developed ODDO model for measuring training effectiveness.
The term "assessment center" can be misleading; often, they aren't actual "centers." Rather, they're a series of tests, activities.
Often the issue with the HR is the reach and communication. Our tools and methods developed are infused in a way that enhances the visibility of HR and the activities they are doing.
In most organizations, there is a huge deficit of Phase 3 contributors – this deficit is crippling to achieving business results.The transition of Phase 2 to Phase 3 is not a simple process.

Our offerings cater to the three concentric circles of

Operating at all three levels depending on need, ensures that we are always keeping the other two in perspective because of their inter dependability




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Our Core team

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Sajiri Chidgupkar

Co-founder and Principal ConsultantSajiri chidgupkar
Monimoy sengupta

Co-founder and Principal ConsultantMonimoy Sengupta