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What is SEAM?

The Socio–Economic Approach to Management (SEAM) is an approach to developing leaders and managing organizational change that was developed by Henri Savall in Lyon, France.

45 years of practice and research have proven SEAM interventions and management tools to be extremely effective. The key to SEAM’s effectiveness is calculating and reducing hidden costs that normal accounting overlooks. The savings in time and money are channeled into developing human potential in the organization, which leads to increased employee engagement and organizational effectiveness.

SEAM Major Categories

SEAM helps organizations identify dysfunctions across 6 major categories.


Value on Investment

Financial Outcomes

  • Reduced hidden costs by 35-55%
  • Increase Hourly Contribution

Quantitative Outcomes

  • Reduced wasted time
  • Reduced risks
  • Reduced turnover
  • Day Cash on Hand -63 à 105
  • Days of Debt – 27 à 15

Qualitative Outcomes

  • Increased engagement of employees
  • Increased employee competencies; leadership
  • Improved morale and culture
  • High involvement of employees
  • Improved product and services
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Background of SEAM

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