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Phase Leadership

Phase Leadership!

What is Phase Leadership

  • An approach to leadership development with over 43 years of research originating at Harvard.
  • Successfully implemented across the globe.

A proven approach that addresses the root cause and not just symptoms of leadership issues

Different Phases

What are the 4 Phases?

Phase 1

  • Anyone New to the Role
  • Must “Learn the Ropes” Quickly
  • Dependent on Others for Help
  • Asks Lots of Questions
  • Is Given Little Projects to Complete
  • Must Prove They Can do it “Our Way”
  • Must be Willing to be Closely Supervised

Phase 2

  • Is a Trusted Experience Expert
  • Has Deep “Technical” Expertise
  • Narrow and Exacting Tactical Focus
  • Works Independently
  • Requires Little Supervision
  • The Technical Backbone of the Team
  • Offers Technical Ideas and Solutions
  • Stays Current in Their Field

Phase 3

  • Develops a Broad Perspective
  • Works Inter-Dependently With Others
  • Creates and Maintains Int./Ext. Networks
  • Influences/Coaches Others Towards Results
  • Translates Strategy Into Tactics
  • Coordinates Work Within/Between Teams
  • Integrates Cross-Functional Efforts
  • Gives Structure to Ambiguity
  • Is Highly Valued Across the Organization

Phase 4

  • Offers a High-Level Strategic Direction
  • Represents the Company
  • Has a Vision for the Long Term
  • Provides Industry Wide Perspectives
  • Grooms Future Leaders
  • Exercises Wide Influence
  • Controls the Resources of the Company

Phase Coaching is a systematic coaching process, to help the transition from Phase 2 to Phase 3

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