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Every employee contributes differently to the organization at different Phases of their careers.
Our research show that the contribution of Phase 3s are significant because of their span of influence
Our offering helps organization to create framework to consistently feed the pipeline for this kind of managers.

How to make your best individual contributors also your best managers.

How to ensure that your vertical heads have work with the organization picture and not just their vertical.

How to stop losing your best individual contributors

The "I did my part" syndrome…

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Next Phase Leadership

Ever wonder why things just keep “falling between the cracks” in your organization?

Ever wondered why your managers won’t really manage?

Ever feel like strangling your boss, peers, direct reports?

The Phase Three Fulcrum cuts through all the piles of assumptions and excuses with 42 years of research that reveals the core issues that keep you from building great organizations.

Reporting the years of research and proven technology on building high leverage global organizations from, Dr. S. Brett Savage, and Next Phase Leadership LLC, this book will likely shock you by claiming we know what the real issues are in building scalable, profitable organizations.

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